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Refurbishing American Airpower

December 27, 2012

Few would take exception to the fact that the United States Air Force (USAF) is – collectively – the most powerful aerial combat instrument in the world. Time and again in recent decades, American air supremacy has won the day in conflicts such as the First and Second Gulf Wars, as well as in Kosovo and Afghanistan. The names of America’s fighters, bombers, attack, recon, electronic detection, and transport aircraft are the stuff of late 20th and early 21st century legend: F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, C-5s, C-130s, A-10s, B-1s, B-2s, and B-52s have struck fear in the hearts of America’s enemies and have been “welcome news” indeed for many an American army or marine grunt pinned down by enemy gunfire in cities, villages, plains, and crevices across the Middle East and beyond.

While the American Air Force still remains unchallenged, many of its newest aircraft programs remain half-completed or stalled in the developmental stage. Recently, F-22 Raptors demonstrated problems with their oxygen intake systems that deprived American pilots of the necessary air to remain fully conscious in mid-flight (these problems have since been fully addressed). Likewise, the new F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter and an as yet unnamed replacement for the B-52 bomber remain bogged down in Congress because of wrangling over long-term costs.

While our nation can and will move forward with these vital new technologies, it still behooves us to maintain upkeep of our already powerful arsenal of planes while these new planes are still being tested out and brought into the field. To that effect, Ardel Engineering has played a key role in providing components for Air Force planes in applications ranging from night vision systems, to oxygen generation systems, to nitrogen systems – all mission critical parts that let the Air Force maintain its unflagging superiority. With our precision manufacturing machinery and our emphasis on highly-educated technical engineers and quality control specialists, we can provide for today’s Air Force, all the while helping develop tomorrow’s Air Force for whatever the challenges that lie ahead.

If your company is one that builds or provides components for America’s combat aircraft, reach out to us and see just what Ardel can do for you.

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