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Introducing the RAM Optical SprintMVP 300

April 1, 2015

To continue to provide our customers with the superior precision parts they have come to expect from us, we are consistently working toward upgrading and maintaining the latest technology available. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment enables us to serve a wide range of industrial customers with the quality and close tolerance parts required for their applications.

New Capabilities

With the addition of our new RAM Optical SprintMVP 300 we have increased capabilities to inspect even the most difficult and complex parts. The SprintMVP 300 system is a high performance, fully automatic measuring machine with precise autofocus speeds throughput and improved repeatability.

We have equipped the Sprint with additional, optional measurement software to further improve our capabilities. The enhanced software packages allow us to accurately measure the finest features that would require multiple step measurement routines. Our new RAM Optical SprintMVP 300 is equipped with:

  • Measure-X®: Allows us to create and run part measurement routines in a powerful, straightforward, and uniquely capable environment. High-speed part measurement tool.
  • MeasureFit Plus®: Gives us the capability to analyze all part features simultaneously. We can then compare the features to a design template created from the measurement routine quickly identifying potential assembly issues.
  • QC-CALC Real-Time: Interface program that collects and displays measurement results to create reports and export data.

Improved Quality for Reliable Service

The SprintMVP 300 with enhanced software packages improves our abilities to thoroughly inspect all the pieces we manufacture and maintain our high standards. This system increases our quality assurance procedures and ensures that we meet the stringent requirements of every customer.

For over 40 years Ardel has been in the business of supplying precision parts to industries’ leading manufacturers. Our commitment to quality and efficiency in all of our capabilities is evident in the acquisition of machines such as the SprintMVP 300 and in our ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 certifications.

Our continuing tradition of improvement is reputable and valued by our customers. For superb quality and outstanding customer service, trust in the professionals at Ardel.

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